Protein Bars Is A Beautiful Sketch Do You Know Why

Protein Bars Is A Beautiful Sketch Do You Know Why

Introduction Of Protein Bars Is A Beautiful Sketch Do You Know Why

Protein Bars Is A Beautiful Sketch Do You Know Why. If you want to continue eating protein bars and you don’t want to know the dirty tooth by and I’m don’t continue to Read this Article because I’m going to lay it all out for you okay a little bit nervous to do this Article just because I know it’s not going to be a popular thing with most people but it is my mission to help get accurate nutrition and wellness information to you so that you can achieve your goals I’m gonna do it today I’m gonna talk about why I always tell my clients to cut protein bars you don’t know who I am my name is autumn and I’m a certified clinical nutritionist with my masters in nutrition and human performance.

I always get asked by my clients what is the best protein bar that I can have or I’ll see in their food journals that they have protein bars pretty consistently there’s probably a very very small percentage of bars out there but are okay, not great but still okay for you I’m in the field of nutrition and I still very rarely see a barber I’m one, yeah okay that’s not too bad in this Article I’m talking about the mass majority of bars and probably a lot of them that you have seen before or maybe utilize so this is just really to help open your eyes up to the protein bar industry and what it is that they’re feeding you because I mean you should know knowledge is power and you should know what you’re putting into your body now to help explain.

Are protein bars actually good for you?

What’s going on with these bars I pick three common ones that I get asked about that I’m going to be breaking down with the first one is this bar called the go macro this one looks legit I would not blame anyone for seeing this and being like and that is a healthy option first off the package um outside looks super organic and natural and that marketing is on point and then you might take a step further and go through all the certifications certified organic certified gluten-free certified vegan non-GMO it even has certified clean you can’t help but see that and be like okay you know that is solid information this is something I’m definitely going to put in my shopping cart but flick that bad boy over and you will see that the very first ingredient is organic brown rice syrup syrup is just sugar it just I know and then it says it has about 14 grams of sugar just to put this into perspective one Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup has about 10 grams of sugar and this go macro bar also has about 2 grams of fiber.

This is still very very very low for fibers when something is listed as the first ingredient that means that it takes up the majority of what is in that bar so the majority of that bar is this sugar bomb causes you to have a spike in blood glucose a spike in insulin which is the storing hormone and having that spike in sugar causes your body to increase inflammation reason being is that those sugar molecules start to stick to your proteins in your body and that can damage yourself so by having that sugar bomb in the bar that makes it so that your cells are getting inflexible and that increases inflammation this can result in lower energy level increase break out and just not feeling good but on top of all of this with that spike in blood glucose level also results in an immediate drop in blood glucose levels.

What are the best protein bars?

Because your body’s trying to quickly store that so it doesn’t keep damaging yourself but the problem with this is that this low blood sugar now triggers cravings but now you want even more of that sugar another bar company that I see often brought up as something that’s like healthy is Rx now their sugar source is slightly better because at least it’s not an isolated type of sugar their sugar source is deep but it’s still the first ingredient and it still has 17 grams of sugar with only four grams of fiber so that fiber is meant to help slow down the release of the sugar that still isn’t very much considering the 17 grams of sugar so you might be thinking okay sugars the problem what about sugar-free or very low sugar protein bars okay fair point let’s take a look at quest bars so quest bars don’t come along with all those.

Super fancy type of health-promoting signs like organic non-GMO and free all that but it is super processed now the food industry is always changing on food signs when it comes to processed foods West bar used to use this thing called isomalt o oligosaccharides or I am oh that was their fiber source because it is it tastes sweet so they were able to use that as one of their sweeteners while also being a fiber now very recently they had to completely scrap the IMO that they’ve been using because the FDA claim that it is no longer deemed of fiber it doesn’t act like a fiber in the body so if you’re having those quest bars before I believe it was September of 2018 then you are consuming IML thinking you’re getting all those fibers but not actually getting any fiber nowadays a soluble corn fiber and like we need more corn in our diet.

Is it cheaper to make your own protein bars?

Especially for our American diet a that bars have become a crutch they become something that we’ve relied on we’re always adding to our grocery cart something that we think is healthy that we think is helping us achieve our goals but it’s not in fact like I mentioned I always have my clients to remove bars as one of the first things that they do and they always come back saying that they have fewer cravings that they’ve already lost weight and that they feel less puffy and that’s a result of having that decreasing sugar plus by always relying on bars it also causes us to rely on snacking which as we know smacking causes bloating along with a bunch of other problems which you can check out with this Article so if you are trying to work toward weight loss school or a health goal or wellness goal.

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