Keto Coffee In Breakfast Can Make Collagen

Keto Coffee In Breakfast Can Make Collagen

Introduction Of Keto Coffee In Breakfast Can Make Collagen

Keto Coffee In Breakfast Can Make Collagen. Should you add collagen to your coffee I don’t have any in here really wish I did but I don’t scholars have gotten really popular whether it be for gut health or skin held joint health people are really kind of obsessed with collagen right now and I will not lie I use it every day too but today’s question it should you be adding your collagen to your coffee I’m me going over exactly why or why not you should do that today now first things first I asked my Instagram followers why or why not they use collagen, I specifically asked them if they add their collagen to their coffee let’s see some of their answers so is Connie girl 78 said yes to my smoothie it seems to be the new thing to do and my hair and grails do hair and nails do not seem to grow okay City me I hate coffee so not my coffee but I use it daily notice a huge difference in my nails alright though Connie girl JT, I say keep going have a couple of met a and peeps.

So who is saying that they put it in their smoothies once they break their fast will hint nudge to what’s coming in the future one person Juliana says that she puts it in her coffee AO arroyo says she puts in her coffee and smoothies Zeigler 23 says usually my green tea only after my fast broken though and then a wink face a lot of smart a.m. peeps here so it seems to be that if people add it to their coffee, it’s because it’s an easy way to get it in it an easy way to remember to get it in I can’t read what it says but someone says I used to but I think you said to wait till later in the day another one Elle Queen man I’m butchering this I can’t pronounce this I’m sorry I’ll creep on says I don’t do it is it something that should be added Sara says wait am I supposed to be Brianne says not when doing intermittent fasting but it’s easy to remember to get it in there were many people that responded to you that question on my ends the story.

Can you put collagen in bulletproof coffee?

So many people seem to use it and seeing some pretty great benefits whether it be for their joints or for their hair or their skin now specifically today I want to talk about when you should have and if you’re on my website, you probably also are using intermittent fasting or you’re interested in intermittent bus and I want to talk specifically about Ala gene with intermittent fasting because this is something that I see as a common misconception the first thing that we have to understand about collagen is that it comprises amino acids amino acids are the building block of protein and I’ve talked about this before with this Article on how in the absence of carbohydrates and protein will converted into sugar through a process called gluconeogenesis so having collagen during your fasted period will actually break your fast if you are using it in your keto coffee or just even playing black coffee whatever you’re having during your fasted period it’s just important to remember that having a collagen will break your fast if you aren’t using intermittent fasting or if you’re having coffee during your eating window and you can totally add it to your coffee and that’s fine.

Can you drink keto coffee with breakfast?

I prefer my keto coffee during my fasting period so as a result I actually I use collagen as well and I’ll either put it directly in just a cup of water and just stir it in because collagen stirs very easily into water or I’ll throw it into my smoothies a quick side note on collagen just to show you how far collagen has come my dad’s a chiropractor and I remember growing up we would always take collagen every morning and no one no one took it back then and in fact I remember it deemed the poor man’s protein because it’s not a complete protein and so it was less expensive as a result this is before really many people knew about a gut healing benefits they knew about the joints and the hair and skin and nails so it was really before it became trendy and so as always known as the poor man’s protein now it probably the exact opposite so if you are using intermittent fasting and you’re putting your collagen in your keto coffee keep in mind that will break your fast but if you’re having coffee during your eating window or you’re not utilizing intermittent fasting and it’s totally fine to have collagen in your coffee just remember collagen will break your fast.

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