Do You Know How To Heal GSP Naturally By Ulcerative Colitis

Do You Know How To Heal GSP Naturally By Ulcerative Colitis

Introduction Of Do You Know How To Heal GSP Naturally By Ulcerative Colitis

Do You Know How To Heal GSP Naturally By Ulcerative Colitis. George st. Pierre is like this huge MMA fighter honestly I’ve never even heard of him until the Joe Rogan interview where he talked about healing is ulcerative colitis and using intermittent fasting and this brings up a super interesting point on ulcerative colitis and what you can actually do to heal it and just the lack of actual helpful treatment that’s out there right now so today I’m going to be talking about Georges st. Pierre what he’s been doing for his ulcerative colitis and how that is actually so much better than what’s conventionally out there right now he’s an amazing MMA person glider MMA fighter back and it looks like December of 2017 George st. Pierre actually had to quit the MMA because his whole charade of colitis was so severe and so he’s basically putting his health first which is awesome now something that I thought was interesting that he said the doctor said and I’m gonna read exactly what he said the doctor said he said that when he got the diagnosis of ulcerative colitis the doctors told him.

We don’t know what caused it but it could be the stress or the fact that you eat too much just keep that in mind for what we’re going to be talking about soon they may be wondering what the symptoms are for ulcerative colitis why it’s such an uncomfortable condition basically it’s where you literally have ulcers bleeding ulcers that are in your colon and that results in diarrhea that you can’t control it also results in bloody stool and a lot of abdominal cramping nearly a million Americans suffer from ulcerative colitis and it’s a painful condition being a nutritionist when I was in school for undergrad we went over a lot of the ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s conditions and what the treatments are or dealing with it for the course it deals with the GI tract and that’s what we deal with those nutritionists now you have to hear this because it’s actually pretty depressing if you get the diagnosis of ulcerative colitis there’s really only two routes that the doctors will have you go through.

Can ulcerative colitis heal on its own?

It’s either a lot of medication in order to calm down the inflammation that’s going on in your GI tract which really isn’t a solution because you’re not seeing what’s causing the inflammation in the first place and the second one is to remove your colon and you heard me right the treatment for this is to remove your organ now just so you know what this looks like because if you don’t have a colon there’s there’s a lot of bad stuff that happened so first of all in your colon that’s where you actually reabsorb a lot of water so in your small intestine which comes first in your whole GI tract system your small intestine absorbs most the nutrients but in your colon is actually where you absorb electrolytes and water and this is where you have your healthy gut bacteria – one of the functions of your colon is to actually remove the water from that waste which hydrates your body but then also allows it to actually be poo otherwise it just be straight liquid so if you don’t have a colon you’re going to have a lot of electrolyte issues they’re going to be really dehydrated now think about this logically.

Where is that going so usually what happens when you don’t have a colon they actually literally have an external bag on the outside of your body where it is just connected to like through in between your muscle tissue of your core and it makes it so that since you don’t have a colon to remove the waste it makes it so that the waste is literally moved out into this bag that’s just sitting on the side of your body and not only does this make for some really uncomfortable social situation and I know this because I had a family member who actually had to go through this process but it also leaves you really susceptible to infections because think about it it’s just this bag that’s connected to the inside of your body that has to be emptied by you manually which means when you go to NT 8 you have this hole that’s open up into the environment the inside of your body isn’t supposed to be susceptible to the environment that’s why when you get a cut you make sure that you disinfect it.

What relieves the symptoms of ulcerative colitis?

So that you don’t get an infection so your every day when you go to empty this you’re always just opening yourself up to infection in the body let me bliss to say this is not something that I want anyone to have to do granted there’s not an actual studied treatment yet for this really other than just cutting your organ out and giving you a bag instead or being on lifelong medications we shouldn’t be resorted to cutting out an organ in order to solve the problem you’re not getting rid of what the problem was the problem wasn’t your coin it’s what’s causing your colon to be inflamed in the first place but remember Joris Lee Pierce doctors said about his condition on how he actually developed it he said is possible it’s stress or eating too much were the two causes we’re always talking on channel looking at with actual cause of a problem is in order to fix that problem in the first place so if stress is an issue or if eating too much is an issue the obvious solution is to reduce your stress and to eat less often right.

So why aren’t more of us doing this well turns out that Georges st? Pierre decided to use yes he went on the medications in order to help his symptoms but then he decided to try intermittent fasting lissa this time he also wasn’t undergoing his training he decided to leave the MMA in order to focus on the help he’s addressing those two main concerns stress and eating too off now as you guys know I’m always talking about stress on this channel especially with the hormone balancing series here and of course intermittent fasting okay so going back to Georges st. Pierre like I said I first found out about this because he was on the Joe Rogan podcast and he’s talking about how he’s had an amazing benefits from using intermittent fasting in order to heal his ulcerative colitis so here are a few things he said I wrote down a few quotes here because I just I mean this is amazing this is something that can help millions of people.

Has anyone cured their ulcerative colitis?

So while talking about intermittent fasting and how it’s helped him with his condition here’s what George st. Pierre said I’ve never felt better in my life sleep better have reduced inflammation his body fat percentage is down while his muscle mass is up which is a common misconception about intermittent fasting the fact that you might lose muscle mass which I go into detail about here and he says as human beings we’re overfed and then he goes on to talk about how he would just as soon as you’d wake up the morning he wouldn’t feel like eating but he’d force food down his stomach because that’s her what are you trying to do I mean look at most of the guidelines that Americans are supposed to follow we’re told to eat every couple of hours he even says that he now feels better training on an empty stomach which again I know a lot of people are concerned about when it comes to intermittent fasting how will they get their training.

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