Cheat Your Weight Loss Food And Treat Days

Cheat Your Weight Loss Food And Treat Days

Introduction Of Cheat Your Weight Loss Food And Treat Days

Cheat Your Weight Loss Food And Treat Days. Pasta I’m making pasta for dinner I’m making pasta for Valentine’s Day a lot of you guys know that pasta is one of my favorite types of treat meals which we’ll get into that topic today and so I’m going to be making homemade pasta shut up studying abroad in Italy now this is a surprise for what I’m doing for Trevor right now I’m making the homemade pasta so don’t tell him I mean he’s probably gonna Read A Article Hey but this brings out a great question on when it comes to cheat days or Treat meals or whatever you want to call it is it something that you should be doing it will help you achieve your goals yeah together yeah you may already know what I’m gonna say just because I’m making pasta but I’m gonna go over all the science because you guys know me can’t go with science somebody talking about why treat days do not cheat day are great for helping you achieve your wellness goal.

Enjoying our food and that’s why I’m a big advocate of making sure that the healthy food you make isn’t just like those meal prep types of things where it’s all organized and split up into the little sections you know but having meals that taste good too now that’s a whole topic in itself but part of that is making sure that you know you also have the meals that maybe don’t satisfy that wellness goal that you’re going for but it helps you just emotionally feel more fulfilled so for me my health journey started with helping to reduce my anxiety and that means making sure that my blood glucose levels are as stable as they possibly can be now having pasta on the regular which I don’t know if you guys have ever made pasta from scratch.

How often should you have a cheat day when trying to lose weight?

But you like use these little things make a little well with eggs and flour and all that times anyway having that on the regular is not going to help my anxiety it’ll just make it work but I love pasta I studied abroad in Italy studied the Mediterranean diet there it was exposed to a lot of pasta and pizza which I also love homemade pizza that’s another story so for me even though having anxiety is so terrible for my well-being it also would be a complete bummer to just totally never have homemade pasta again especially homemade because you know I enjoy making it I enjoy the whole process and then sharing that with those that I love and there’s a study that I’ve mentioned quite a few times within my channel on how having these scheduled treat days are beneficial for helping us to stay more focused on our actual goals.

It also makes it so that we’re more likely to stick with our goals and those action steps for those goals long term which only makes sense I talk to my clients about this all the time where if you think like okay I’m totally cutting out pasta never having pasta again that makes you only think about pasta and that also then causes decision fatigue so not only are you bummed out because you can’t have some of the things that you love but you also are more likely to binge on those foods when you do end up having that decision fatigue break which will inevitably inevitably inevitably happen so what this study found is that having one day a week where you actually schedule some type of meal that’s not actually in line with your goals but helps us satisfy that emotional happiness actually helps you to stay on track with those goals longer and PS this study was actually studying weight loss and people who had those scheduled treat days actually lost the same amount of weight as those who didn’t so they’re happier and they ended up getting the same result okay but the key point here that you have to remember is it’s a planned treat.

Will one cheat meal a week ruin my diet?

I don’t use the word cheat I use the word treat instead so treat tr eat eight T not cheat this is a huge distinction it’s a huge thing to remember and keep in mind because she implies you’re doing something wrong it automatically makes you feel guilty and when you have that guilt that can increase your stress hormone cortisol which makes us that you end up gaining weight around your belly which you can’t see them death pigment because you were feeling so guilty in the first place about eating the sheet’ meal now another hand a treat is exactly as what it implies a treat is something where it’s like a special occasion you celebrate those treats it’s an exciting thing so therefore you don’t have those spikes in cortisol when you have the treat types of days or meals because you have changed your outlook on.

What it is that you’re calling it’s not a cheat it’s a treat one of the most important things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to a treat meal is to make sure that it’s scheduled that’s what the study pointed out helps to make those people more successful with actually sticking with their goals is that base scheduled in that treat me so it doesn’t necessarily have to be like you know you put it on your calendar you can send an invite that works for you than a second really important thing to keep in mind because your full attention isn’t on whatever you know the Oreo cookies which are but it also makes it so that you end up eating more because you aren’t putting your full attention into what you’re eating so you enjoy it less and you eat more and this also comes into play to make just more mindful choices.

What is the healthiest cheat meal?

About the food that’s going into your body for example I’m not a huge fan of cake though I’m not like a wedding or a birthday I’m not going to eat it just because I can because you know it might be one of those scheduled treat days where I know I’m going to eat something else outside of my normal types of habit because I don’t enjoy cake I’m not going to eat it just because it’s there and that’s something have to keep in mind this is about mindfulness eating things that you truly enjoy and not just eating it because it’s they’re not something I sort of had to wrap my head around as well because I used to you know back in college.

I was a big like tortilla chips and crackers types of type person and that is definition mindless eating I also played some Article games back in the day and I one fact was on my pal if you don’t know it is I’m just gonna link below I’m gonna see if I can find a Article on this so you can check it out and so um I got my whole persona was that I was like a gamer but anyway little side note when I be studying or maybe blue beans cuz I did play a lot of Article games in college I would just mindlessly eat tortilla chips and yeah I like tortilla chips but it’s not something where I’m like oh my gosh I love tortilla chip it’s something that’s just a mindless type of food where I’m not really focusing on what it is that I’m eating it’s just there and it’s that habit that emotion of just almost like an addictive type of motion rather than something that I love so this whole concept of like a treat meal is really to help you also to hone in on what it is that you love what it is that makes you happy and being more mindful about the foods that you do eat and in order to feel your best because ultimately that’s what this is it’s helping to build those habits to make sure that you are giving your body the fuel that you need in order to feel your best.

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