Celebrity Diet And Works For Weight Loss

Celebrity Diet And Works For Weight Loss

Introduction Of Celebrity Diet And Works For Weight Loss

Celebrity Diet And Works For Weight Loss. I gonna keep this head on the whole time no I’m not gonna take it off tom Brady’s of really awesome athlete there’s no kidding around that and one thing that he’s talked a lot about as being beneficial for him has been his tv12 method so he’s a whole book on this and his method seems have been working for him but is it something that everybody should be doing will it help you lose weight or achieve your goals of whatever it is that you’re trying to do I’m going over all that in today’s Article if you don’t know who I am my name is autumn I’m a certified clinical nutritionist and my passion is to help you achieve your wellness dreams through holistic and science back methods I remember first hearing about the tv12 method because a few years ago.

When he first came out with the book it wasn’t it like really expensive I don’t know I got it from my library recently and I was able to read through it and there are some things that I agree with in here and someone maybe not so much so something that I first found interesting when I was reading through the book as a former athlete myself is how Tom Brady is on this mission to help other athletes not to go through this whole process of getting injured getting surgery or PE I respect that so his whole basis around his diet is tailored to that pro athlete somebody who is putting in a lot of wear and tear basis of his whole protocol is anti-inflammatory so some of the rules like he has a long list of like pillars for what it is that he does for his tv12 method no processed foods eat locally.

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Eat organic not having added sugars or limiting added sugars limiting caffeine and utilizes strategies on food combining so first things first here the things that I agree with so of course he’s emphasizing eating real organic local food you know I think people don’t understand the importance of why we need to be eating local and organic not only because if you’re eating non-organic you’re having pesticides which are not good for our system and not the whole Article in itself that I want to do in the future as well let me know below if you want me to talk about organic versus conventional and all Dave Idioma but also local means like it didn’t have to travel as far to get to you it’s going to retain a higher level of nutrients which means you get more out of the food that you’re eating which is good and especially as an athlete or somebody who has such a high level of nutrition needs this is especially important because you’re utilizing.

So many systems within the body that you need to have this stream this high level of minerals and nutrients micronutrients that can help to get the job done so by eating local and organic you’re getting more of those nutrients out of the food okay the next thing he emphasizes omega-3 fats it’s you know a good point because there is a study that has found that utilizing omega-3 fatty acids has helped football players to recover more efficiently from concussions I just want to reiterate athletes are under a lot of stress their body is under a lot of stress more stress than the average person because they are undergoing so much exercise they need to be able to counter that inflammation so that means having more anti-inflammatory food for when it comes to recommendations if you do end up reading his book you understand that this is coming from the perspective of someone who has much higher nutrition needs than the average person.

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I mean there are a lot of people in America who definitely could benefit from having more omega-3s in their diet just because we have so many chronic diseases that are based on an inflammatory condition but those other inflammatory conditions tend to also arise out of not just not eating enough omega-3s but also the lifestyle factors as well so sitting too much or not getting great sleep things that I’ve talked about in the past so just solving a problem with omega threes especially for the everyday person is not the solution now the next thing I appreciate you emphasize is having a variety of foods except for nightshades which I’ll touch on in a second this is something I wholeheartedly agree with because every food every vegetable every herb every everything that’s pretty much edible has something different that it provides and our bodies need all of these things.

So by just sticking to a lot of the same foods you’re actually going to be limiting the amount of micronutrients and macronutrients and that your body is getting and this could lead to some deficiency so especially for an athlete deficiencies is a very bad thing even for somebody like me or somebody who’s not a pro athlete still eating a variety foods is important to help to make sure that we don’t have those imbalances as well and then of course he also mentions avoiding or find carbohydrates I think that pretty much all of us can agree with this you know refined carbohydrates are one of the most obvious refined forms of foods but there’s also refined oils which I talked about in this Article with the trans fats just in general avoiding refined foods is always a good thing plus those are fine carbs tend to have lower fiber which means that you’re going to have a spike in blood glucose level because that luke OHS that sugar is flooding your system that it will cause a spike in blood glucose level and then in a media so it leads you to being market on Murray and it leads you to having her insulin level just higher inflammation.

So in general processed foods packaged foods limiting those as much as humanly possible is ideal and in this case especially for an athlete who is already in a state of inflammation adding further inflammation in from your food sources is just a bad idea okay so now what I don’t necessarily agree with it talks a lot about limiting nightshade so nightshades are a type of food that had agree else’s things like tomatoes and eggplants and the whole idea behind this is that there happens some studies that I’ve found that nightshades can increase inflammation now this never made full sense to me some of the longest-lived people in the world rely a lot on having nightshades and they die so if these were so detrimental for our inflammatory levels then how are the longest-lived people in the world having these foods and not having high inflammatory levels themselves it turns out it all comes down to how the food is prepared one of the problems that people attribute to nightshades with the increased inflammation is lectins so you’ve probably have heard about lectins with dr. Gundry before and again.

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I’m gonna do a whole Article just on that but like I said the longest-lived people are having these nightshades and not having a problem so when I was studying about in Italy I remember having a basic understanding of how nightshades could cause inflammation and I remember seeing my teacher she was like this little old Italian grandma and she’s teaching us how to make all the foods that were traditional for the longest-lived people just for example with tomatoes or say parboil it so that it can remove the outer skin portion then then they remove the seeds and that’s just always been tradition for these areas just because they say like it doesn’t taste as good with that never really for a health reason but what happens when you do that in this traditional way of making those tomatoes for like a sauce or something by removing the skin and the seeds you’re moving most electeds that cause inflammation in the first place so by avoiding lectins totally maybe for an Appy where you are concerned like.

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